The Best Exercises And Home Remedies To Help Relieve Arthritis In The Hands

September 17, 2016

Arthritis is one of the most frustrating things that people experience and can occur in all ages though it happens more frequently in older adults.

The hands are one of the most common places that arthritis occurs and that makes it very inconvenient and, often times, noticeable to others which can be embarrassing.

Arthritis stems from the loss of cartilage and cushioning of the joints. This causes pain, stiffness and inflammation in the joint area. The frustration gets worse when trying to perform simple tasks, such as lifting a coffee mug, becomes difficult.

There are many medications available that can offer some relief, but there are also natural remedies that can help, such as applying some essential oils like frankincense or taking an Epsom salt bath. This can help you avoid synthetic medications.

However, there may be an even better way to get some much-needed relief from arthritic pain. There are many exercises that you can do, right at home, that can help reduce the stiffness. These exercises can help flex and ease the joints in the hand, can be performed anywhere and work especially well if done several times a day.

Try these today but make sure you do not push anything to the point of pain. Over time, you will likely become more flexible. Take it gradually. You do not have to perform all of these exercises every day, but choose 4-5 each time and mix it up to get more variety and benefit. Also, it is best to do the exercises on both hands, even if only one is affected.


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